What is lime scale

Limescale is the precipitation of calcium salts especially in hard water areas when water is heated or these is a pressure drop , causing hard scale to form in pipe , taps , washing machines , shower heads and combination boilers . Limescale combines with soap making it lather less. It leaves tidemarks on baths , sinks , basins and taps that are difficult to remove

The formation of scale caused by hard water in pipework and equipment is costly and seriously reduces operating efficiencies.

Scaling and its removal can cause damage to equipment .

Generally the application of chemical has been the traditional method of handing these problems - however increasing environmental pressures and restrictions are causing responsible industries and plant operators to look for alternative methods which we call “ Catalytic water treatment “

Colloid – A – Tron , Scaletron and Housetron are one of the products which prevent the build – up of scale by use “ Catalytic water treatment “ method .

Benefits of our products

• Prevents and removes the build up of scale

• Reduction of energy costs

• Reduction of water costs

• Increase efficiency of equipments

• Maximum heat – exchange efficiency

• It is totally safe to the environment

• Requires no maintenance

• Easy installation

• Fit and forget

• Uses no electricity

• Uses no chemicals

• Uses no salts

• Treated water is totally safe to drink


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