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Water treatment with a COLLOID-A-TRON,SCALE-A-TRON or HOUSE-A-TRON prevents the formation of hard lime scale and may remove existing scale in most water systems.All units are easy to install, require NO power or Chemicals, use NO salt and treated water is totally safe to drink. The equipment is guarenteed on a replacement basis for up to 10 years.

Patented Alloy Core

All our units are successful in preventing the formation of lime scale because they contain a unique patented alloy core that works as a catalyst when it comes into contact with water. Fluid Dynamics International have developed a stable, non-sacrifical alloy core housed at the heart of all our units which in the presence of water generates a small electrolytic current.This triggers a rise in pH within the water passing over the alloy core which in turn causes the calcium carbonate and
bicarbonate to precipitate microscopic colloidal particles in the bulk of the solution.







These colloidal particles form but cannot adhere to surfaces or create hard scale because of their shape - they stay in suspension. control of scaling by COLLOID-A-TRON - UK Atomic Energy Labortaory A.E.R.E HARWELL 1989








The formation of hard scale in piping networks reduces the internal
diameter of the pipes resulting in expensive maintenance, increased
energy costs, production downtime and equipment deterioration.

The application of chemicals for the reduction of scale isnot

always economical, it is enviromentally unsound and is

be-coming prohibited by more and more legislation.

In addition the use of chemicals in water treatment involves high
investment and ongoing operational, maintenance and servicing


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